NOMADS festival 2017


NOMADS is an intercultural festival of performing arts in September 19th – 23rd. It celebrates cultural diversity and intercultural engagement by presenting some of the most remarkable contemporary performances from its field. All the tickets available at lippupiste!

All the performances will be held at Culture Center Stoa, Turunlinnantie 1, 00910 Helsinki.

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September 19th at 19:oo

The Finnish-Palestinian S-H-A’s Collective’s theatre performance is about experiences of cultures’ and communities’; differences and similarities of people. The performance talks about oppression, fear, longing, trust and the lack of it, safety – everyday things. The play is based on three very different kind of realities in Finland and Palestine, and on this stage they meet and blend.

 Place: Culture Center Stoa, Turunlinnantie 1, 00900 Helsinki
Length: Approximately 75 min
Director: Ville Sandqvist
Performers: Helena Korpela, Hazem Al Sharif
Lights: Vilma Vantola
Sound design: Markus Tapio
Producer: Ville Repo


September 20th

Claypot handles current thematics of humanity via modern and African dance: how can I find my place in Finland and yet hold on to my roots? 

Claypot is a dance-performance by Burkinabé choreographer Sibiry Konaté. It mulls over how different cultures meet and understand eachother. When coming to Finland, one can be confused over the silence, yet it’s a possibility to get to know oneself and other. There can be fear and the unkown can cause uncertainty, but there also lies possibilities in it. It creaves braveness and openness to reincarnate in a strange environment. Dialogue without common language. If the contact with others and humanity disappears – what will there be left? There can be only conflict, battling and pursuing one’s own place in the midst of rush and competition.

Place: Culture Centre Stoa, Turunlinnantie 1, 00900 Helsinki
Length: 45min, no half time
Choreography: Sibiry Konaté
Dancers: Sibiry Konaté & Mbacke Niang
Video design: Jussi Rastas & Sami Lamberg
Sound design in videos: Jarkko Kela
Assistant in directing: Annamari Karjalainen
Lightning: Anttoni Halonen
Musicians: Soungalo Mercaux Sanou & Issiaka Dembele



WAITING…, Bakr Hassen
September 21th at 19:00

Five people – everyone has their own problem – They’re all waiting… Waiting… Waiting for the saviour…

More info coming soon! 

Place: Culture Center Stoa, Turunlinnantie 1, 00910 Helsinki
Length: 51 min

Age limit: 17 +



September 22nd at 19:00

Killing The Beat is an improvisation-performance that experiences sound, music and movement… A bit indefinite, isn’t it!? So just join us and attend this exploratioin and be part of the process!

Length: 60 min
Directing and concept: Sergio Castrillón
Performers: Sergio Castrillón, Mirva Mäkinen




September 23rd at 19:00

Love and Confusion a cross-artistic dance performance that bases on Anton Chekov’s plays. The performances theme is “spallation”. It is the seventh version of series of artworks.  

” Love and confusion ” is an avant-garde multilanguage dance performance for conscious, music and sculpture.

Place: Culture Center Stoa, Turunlinnantie 1, 00910 Helsinki
Length: noin 90 minuuttia
Jonna Eiskonen
Pihla Auvinen
Kajsa Ek
Delfina Huczkowski
Saija Jäntti
Tuuli Mattila
Sara Soulie
Sanna Karlsson- Sutisna
Nina Viitamäki
Omar Albajere
Antti Seppänen
Carl Lindgren
Marlon Moilanen
Antton Nissinen
Ken Mai

Tarmo Anttila
Sergo Castrillon
Natalia Castrillon
Tarmo Anttila
Saana Pohjonen
Possible surprise guests

Directing, concept and visualization:
 Cris af Enehielm

Video: Paola Figueroa