Performing art groups for youth


Come and get acquainted with the world of theater and other performing arts!

In Theater and drama groups you get to get acquainted with the versatile world of theater by different kinds of theater games and practises, improvisation and you get to explore different types of theater. Everybody is welcomed, first-timers and previous amateurs. During the season each group will meet weekly, visit a theater and prepare their own performance. The season will culminate at Loistava näkymä -mini festival where the groups will perform to each other and their families and friends. Loistava näkymä will be next held 15.5.2017 in Teatterimuseo.

Along with the Theater and drama groups there will be held a Stand-up comedy workshop in the form of a class in the spring of 2017. The workshop meets weekly every thursday at the Youth center of Hakunila and comedian Bahar Tokat will be the mentor/leader of the group. You get to learn and practice the basics of stand up comedy, writing jokes and your own way of doing and performing. Come along and have a go!

Spoken word class will be next held in the fall of 2017.

You can find the group-specific information below. Please note that all action of the groups is a continuation of the autumn 2016. You can still join in: for more information, be directly in touch with the director of the group! When joining in let us know what group you would like to join in, your name, age, e-mail address and phone number.

For more information, please contact: hello(at) and 050 358 1740
Enrolments straight to the directors of the groups. Participation to the workshops is free of charge. 

The project is implemented with the financial support of Ministry of Education and Culture.

Taidetalo Toteemi’s (Myyrmäentie 6, Vantaa) group continues its activities on Wednesdays starting on 1.2.2017.

Spring term’s group 1.2.-17.5.2017:
suitable to over 12 years old on Wednesdays from 5 to 7 pm

The director is theatre teacher Anni Pellikka; annimaria.pellikka(at)

Hakunila Youth Center’s (Laukkarinne 4, Vantaa) group continues it’s activities on Mondays starting on 6.2.2017.
ATTENTION. Because of a renovation at Hakunila group meets at the auditorium of Lehtikuusi school. (Hiirakkotie 9, Vantaa)

Spring term’s 6.2-22.5.2017 group:
suitable for over 12 years old on Mondays from 5.30–7.30 pm

The director is drama teacher Jenni Bergius; jenni.bergius(at)

Resident House Mylläri’s  (Kiviparintie 2 J, Helsinki, Myllypuro) group continues it’s activities on Thursdays starting on 26.1.2017.

Spring term’s 26.1.-18.5.2017 group:
suitable for over 10 years old on Thursdays from 5 to 7 pm

The director is drama teacher Laura Ikonen; laura.ikonen(at)

Harju Youth Center’s (Aleksis Kiven katu 1-3, Helsinki) started its activities on 9.3.207.

Spring term’s 9.3-18.5.2017 group:
suitable for over 16 years old on Thursdays from 7 to 8 pm.

The director is stand-up comedian Bahar Tokat; bahar.tokat(at)

Culture Hub has collected through its 17 years of action versatile knowledge and know-how from cultural youth work. We have already provided for ten years to 10-20 years old youngsters an opportunity to get acquainted with performing arts in the form of workshops that last whole semester. Project financial supported by Ministry of Education and Culture has provided support to strengthen youth indentity, tought and improved skills to work as a team and interaction skills as well as given confidence. Workshops have been arranged in spaces that are familiar for youngsters so that the threshold for participation would be as low as possible. In a safe enviroment with competent professionals executed long-term entities have made it possible for youths to talk about difficult issues. Getting commited to groups action has tought for young, who have different social and cultural backgrounds, sustainability and provided art as an alternative for a possible further education. Loistava Näkymä is a mini festival for the youth that is arranged at the end of the project in the spring. Annually Loistava Näkymä reaches about 100 young people.