INTERKULTfest 2015


Festival of performing arts which deals with multuculturalism as a normal phenomenon

Organized for the second time, the performative art festival INTERKULTfest dealt with interculturalism and multiculturalism through different ways as a normal phenomenon. The 4 day event reached to more than 600 spectators and participants in the cultural centers Stoa, Vuotalo and Caisa.

The festival betted on youth work as well as in youth involvement in the programming and implementation of the festival. New concepts were introduced to the festival such as the INTERKULTbeat event focused on urban music and the INTERKULTkids event focused on the youngest festival spectators. Both will continue as part of the festival in the future. As an indispensable part of the festival, the cooperation with the secondary schools will also continue. This year through this cooperation almost 150 youngsters were reached.

Photos from INTERKULTfest 2015
Recap video of INTERKULTfest 2015

Wednesday 9.9.2015 at 6pm INTERKULTbeat

BIZZYIAM PROMO[3]INTERKULTbeat: Bizzyiam feat. TomppaBeats, Bentality, Loasteeze, K.R.O. & Jade Nab Wenesday 9.9.2015 at 6 pm STOA, music hall

Rap artist Bizzyiam hosts the evening at Stoa, during which young vibrant artists will perform. TomppaBeats will be the evening’s dj!

Performers: Bizzyiam feat. TomppaBeats, Bentality, Loasteeze, K.R.O., Jade Nab

No age limit
Duration 120 min
Tickets 5 € from Lippupalvelu and at the door

Listen to Bizzyiam’s new single “Ongelmii on”:

Thursday 10.9.2015 from 10am to 4pm INTERKULTseminar


Intercultural youth work – cooperation between home, schools and leisure time’s organizations on Thursday 10.9.2015 from 10 am to 4 pm, Caisa’s hall

The seminar aims to find solutions for a better interaction between home, schools and leisure time’s organizations to improve theirs roles as supporters of the youngster. The seminal considerates in special the youth work through art and culture as well as immigrant backgrounded youngsters as a target group. The seminar is open to all interested in this theme; youth workers, parents, teachers and of course youngsters. The page of the seminar can be read here.


Thursday 10.9.2015 at 5pm INTERKULTmove

BTF_PromoINTERKULTmove: Break the fight! I was here.
Torstai 10.9.2015 klo 17
STOA, teatterisali

Dance performance, which break-dances against school bullying! The performance deals with themes related with use of power and power games. What makes us different from one another? What do we have in common? Break the Fight! is about the courage of being oneself and understanding about accepting others as they are. We look different, speak different languages and believe in different things, but can diversity germinate possibilities? Roma backgrounded rapper Mercedes Bentso’s personal bullying experiences and Jyrki Riekki’s video animations take the spectator back to his own school memories.

Mmm, it can’t be wrong Take my heart and make it strong, baby You’re simply the best, better than all the rest Better than anyone, anyone I’ve ever met I’m stuck on your heart; I hang on every word you say Tear us apart no, no, baby, I would rather be dead. –Tina Turner, Simply the Best – 


Concept, coreography and directon: Arja Tiili
Dancers: b-boy Con-Troll aka Matti Keipi, b-girl Emko aka Elena Ruuskanen and b-boy Gust aka Emre Sevim
Rapper: Mercedes Bentso
Sound design: Jouni Tauriainen
Video animation: Jyrki Riekki
Video editing: Ari Tarvainen
Lightning design: Ainu Palmu
Costume design: Antti Asplund
Production: Arja Tiili & Co

Age recommendation for over 13 years old
Duration c. 45 min
Tickets 13/9 € from Lippupalvelu and at the door

Thursday 10.9.2015 at 6.30pm INTERKULTact

UTSR_Slava_Dugin_FotoChristoffer_Allén[5]INTERKULTact: Under the same roof – stories from near and far UNIVERSUM
Torstai 10.9.2015 klo 18.30
STOA, musiikkisali

Under the same roof is an intercultural performance by Teater Mars and Universum which explores the themes of identity, communication and integration using storytelling. On the stage there will performing Teater Mars’ actors together with immigrants who will tell their own stories about moving to Finland. The performers of different ages and backgrounds describe their experiences about the past, present and future through various forms of expression.
The main used language of the performance is English.

Performing: Albina Raivio, Alireza Momtaz, Antonio van Cleave, Faycal Marouf, Fereshteh Qorbani, Houda Wahbi, Jean-Luc Rossin, Ekaterina Meriläinen, Maïmouna Jagne-Soreau, Maria Kramar von Numers, Michael Kanu and Slava Dugin
Changes in the performers possible.

Workgroup: Oskar Silén, Max Bremer, Kajsa Ek and Christoffer Strandberg (Teater Mars)
Light design: Roni Lindholm
Production: Universum

Age recommendation over 12 years old
Duration c. 120 min
Tickets 13/9 € from Lippupalvelu and at the door

Friday 11.9.2015 from 12 to 3 pm INTERKULTyouth

Perjantai 11.9.
klo 12-14 Kaupunkipeli, Stoan ympäristö
klo 14-15 Arja Tiili & Co: Break the fight! I was here., Stoan teatterisali

On Friday the festival’s focus will be on the results from the cooperation done with schools prior to the festival. The surroundings of Stoa will be taken over by a multi-artistic city game which participants are schools that have cooperated with the festival. At the Stoa’s theater hall there will be presented once more Break the fight – I was here, this time for schools only. The performance is free of charge for the  schools, but requires prior enrollment to kassandra(at) or 050 358 1740

INTERKULTyouth own page can be read here.

Saturday 12.9.2015 at 3pm INTERKULTkids

DSC_9457INTERKULTkids: Mari Pappinen – kaikkien aikojen lastenvahti LASTENKULTTUURIKESKUS MUSIKANTIT
Lauantai 12.9. klo 15
STOA, teatterisali

Mari Pappinen on Lastenkulttuurikeskus Musikanttien uusin musiikkiteatteriesitys, joka pohjautuu rakastettuun P. L. Traversin satuun Maija Poppasesta. Esitys kertoo omalaatuisesta lapsenvahdista, jolla on yliluonnollisia kykyjä ja jonka seurassa ei tule hetkeksikään tylsää! Musikanttien 8-15 vuotiaat lapset ja nuoret näyttelevät, tanssivat ja laulavat kahdella kielellä. Esityksen pääkieli on suomi, mutta laulut lauletaan venäjäksi.

Performing: Children’s Cultural Center Musikantit theater group “ArtMix” Screenplay: Vera Lapitskaya and Suvi Nyström
Direction: Suvi Nyström
Coreography: Vera Lapitskaya
Scenography: Marina Kajava
Lights and sound: Niklas Nyström
Production: Lastenkulttuurikeskus Musikantit

Age recommendation over 3 years old
Duration c. 60 min
Tickets 5 € from Lippupalvelu and at the door

Saturday 12.9.2015 at 7pm INTERKULTklubi

Ali JahangiriINTERKULTklubi: Pizzakuskit Pohjolassa
Lauantai 12.9. klo 19
VUOTALO, Vuosali


Headlining the super comedian and national official dissident mamu Ali Jahangiri. The evening is hosted by ludicrous improviser with a mandolin, Miska Kajanus. Miska and Ali will also bring with them miracle man Simo Takanen from Vihtu, semi-black Jonathan Fanta from Helsinki and improvisation comedian Ulla Virtanen. It will be a couple of hours of blasting harsh, funny and even adorable topics. Come laugh and look how Finland is doing nowadays. Come and kebab!

Age limit 18, A-license
Duration 120 min, intermission
Tickets 13/9€ from Lippupalvelu and at the door

SUPPORTED BY Helsingin kulttuurikeskus, opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö, Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Oskar Öflundin säätiö, Cultura-säätiö

IN COOPERATION WITH Helsingin kulttuurikeskus: Stoa, Vuotalo ja Caisa, Helsingin kaupungin nuorisoasiainkeskus, Cultura-säätiö. Nuorisotutkimusseura, Vanhempainliitto, Sivuun Ensemble, Arja Tiili Dance Company, Univresum, Lastenkulttuurikeskus Musikantit, Marino Clown, Katutaidetila Leiskuva, Suomalais-venäläinen koulu, Itäkeskuksen peruskoulu, Kallahden peruskoulu, Aurinkolahden peruskoulu