INTERKULTfest 2014



INTERKULTFEST is a new performing arts festival, which brought to Helsinki interesting performing groups from the Nordic countries on the year of  2014. The programme included performances expressing interculturality and targeting young people. The performances took place at the cultural centers Stoa and Vuotalo. The festival spread to the area and schools of Itäkeskus and Vuosaari. On Sunday, the event InterKultYouth overtook Stoa and during the whole afternoon the focus was on theatre, dance and media art performed by young people in the metropolitan area.

SUPPORTED BY City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Konstsamfundet, Nordic culture fund NORD, Svenska kulturfonden, Ministry of Education and Culture
IN COOPERATION WITH City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Dance House, The City Ghettos of Today, Nordic culture point, Youth Department, City of Helsinki

11.9.2014 Kvalitetsteatern: REVENGE (Sweden)

InterKultFest_Revenge_Kvalitetsteatern2 THURSDAY 11.9.2014 AT 7 PMStoa,  THEATRE HALL REVENGE | Kvalitetsteatern (SWEDEN)

Revenge is a monologue show by and with Francine Agbodjalou, it was originally set up at Turteatern, Stockholm, in February 2014. It is an hour-long showdown with class, ethnicity and power and meeting between privileges and the lack of privileges. The performance is followed by a talk between Francine and a specially invited guest for the evening, working within the cultural sphere and with self-lived experiences of living as a person of colour in white society. The guest moderator is Alle Eriksson is a chronicler, moderator, debater and secretary of the society TRYCK, a politically unbound culture society consisting of culture workers from the African diaspora.

Save your white tears for your pillow. ”The need for Revenge and anti-racist strategies was not born with this year’s attacks on anti-racist protestors from right wing extremists. The work is not done and the guilt is not made up for by your participation in a single anti-racist demonstration. With Revenge I want to say that anti-racism and intercultural politics can never be a tool to get out of white guilt. Save your white tears for your pillow” /Francine Agbodjalou

Director and writer: Francine Agbodjalou Performer: Francine Agbodjalou Dramaturgy: Rebecka Askaner Producer: Vilma Seth Video, photo and music: Robin Nilsson Set design, lights and tech: Ronald Hessman Costumes: Franciska Svensson Animation: Josefin Andersson

Age recommendation: 16— Language: English Duration: ~ 60 min

12.9.2014 C:NTACT: SAY SOMETHING (Denmark)

InterKultFest_Say Something_Cntact4FRIDAY 12.9.2014 AT 5 PM Stoa, MUSIC HALL SAY SOMETHING | C:ntact (DENMARK)

Stories bring us together. We constantly define, mirror and reflect the world surrounding us through our stories. When we share our stories, we show our perspective on the world we live in. C:NTACT presents “Say Something”. 7 young people let you in on their lives, dreams and their sorrows – and it’s all real!  The performance includes a talk with the audience.

C:NTACT is an independent organization dedicated to ethnic, social, and cultural integration and education, based at the Betty Nansen Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark. C:NTACT’s core objective is to provide a platform for living encounters between people with widely different backgrounds. The principal task is to nurture and encourage the ability to communicate thoughts, dreams, ideas, and visions. The touring theatre group C:NTACT Taskforce consists of about 30 young people between 15 and 25 years of age with widely different ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds. C:NTACT Taskforce’s main focus is cultural diversity and integration through theatre and debate.

Directors: Madeleine Røn Juul,Remi Lewerissa, Runi Lewerissa Performers: Ferose Toftkjær Larney, Hisham Maher Hachache, Kristian Grundal Gormsen, Mikkeline Liv Rask-Hellensten, Mohammad Jawad Mohammad, Nadia Amalie Hjortø, Thomas Christian Gjerløv (C:ntact Taskforce) Singing instructions: Donna Cadogan Rap instruction: Ali Sufi

Age recommendation: 14— Language: English Duration90 min

12.9.2014 Team Braza: FEAR INFECTION (Norway)

InterKultfest_Fear Infection_Team Braza2FRIDAY 12.9.2014 AT 7 PM Stoa, THEATER HALL FEAR INFECTION | Team Braza (NORWAY)

Through urban music and a fusion of hip-hop/modern/jazz as the physical language Fear Infection focuses on topics such as fear, anxiety and uncertainty. Fear comes in several stages of life, and may take different forms: fear of not fitting in, fear of failure, fear of not reaching your goals, fear of the dark, fear of spiders. Fear can serve as an obstacle, and to many people it can be so massive that it holds them back. Fear also takes on another dimension. Many people are being bullied. Is the reason for this to be found in the bully´s own insecurities? Does the bully fear showing other sides of himself? Is he afraid of not fitting in and afraid of not being accepted? In Fear Infection – you’ll meet five individual dancers, where each one has experienced “fear” in its many versions.

BELINDA BRAZA is one of the most esteemed urban choreographers in Norway. Her work consists of fusioning urban dance techniques with contemporary and theatre, creating her own unique style. She works at Det Multinorske – an acting school for students with multicultural/non Norwegian background – at Det norske teatret.

Choreography: Belinda Braza and work group Performers: Belinda Braza, Victor Ødegaard Prag, HuyenHuynh, Cassandra Moldenhauer, Charlotte Korrell Music: Miguel Perez/Belinda Braza

Age recommendation: 13— Duration: 45 min

13.9.2015 Alexander Komlosi: IT COULD BE WORSE (Finland)

ICBW_pienempiSATURDAY 13.9.2014 AT 7 PM Stoa, MUSIC HALL IT COULD BE WORSE | Alexander Komlosi (FINLAND)

An outsider arrives in Finland. His name is Felix Kuullppaa. He doesn’t speak the language. He knows very few people. He’s unemployed. His choices? Adapt, die, or leave. Well, it’s not quite that dramatic, really. At least not here in Finland. There’s always Kela. Come help Felix adapt. Don’t worry; you won’t have to do too much. And refreshments will be shared. Featuring the wise words of Li Andersson, Jussi Halla-Aho, Heikki Hursti, Ben Zyskowicz and people you’ve probably never heard of.

ALEX KOMLOSI is a Czech-American director, actor and theatre pedagogue. He moved to Finland in 2011 and has taught at the Performance Art Center, Takomo Theatre and Theatre Academy Helsinki. He is a highly educated, white American. Based on the surveys, Komlosi is a prime example of the immigrant, to which Finns react positively.

Written, coordinated and hosted by: Alexander Komlosi Sound design: Ina Aaltojärvi Set design: Camilla Nenonen Light design: Heikki Paasonen Interviews: Tuukka Pasanen Photography: Paula Virta

Age limit: 18 Language: 80 % English, 10 % suomi, 5 % svenska, 1.1 % порусски, 0.9%čeština, 3% muut / other / andra Duration: 75 min

13.9.2014 INTERKULTklubi: Stand up with Ágnes Kászas and friends

InterKultKlubi_stand up2_Agnes KasszasSATURDAY 13.9.2014 AT 7 PM Vuotalo, Vuosali INTERKULTKLUBI | Stand up with Ágnes Kaszás & friends (FINLAND)

InterKultKlubi is hosted by Ágnes Kaszás and her friends, who will fill the evening with music and riotous comedy. The theme varies from the homesickness and identity crises of immigrants.

Agnes Kaszás moved three and a half years ago to Helsinki following her love. She has traveled extensively and worked in several different countries. Ágnes emphasizes her need to explore unknown cultures, their work and way of thinking, helping, at the same time, people from different backgrounds to communicate with each other. Some of the stories were collected from other immigrants at Finnish language course. In 2007, Ágnes graduated in Hungary as an actor.

BAHAR TOKAT’s white skin tells about her Finn side, again her name is Turkish. A small but peppery girl, who loves martial arts, musicals, stand-up and super heroes was first introduced to the art of stand up in high school and has since stayed down that road. Bahar wants to become a comedian, but also perform on the large musical theatre stages. In 2013, she graduated from the musical and opera line at Laajasalo College – just to be unemployed. Performers: Ágnes Kaszás, Bahar Tokat, Joonatan Pitkänen, DJ Laitoshoitaja Language: Finnish, English Duration: 120 min Age limit: 18, Vuosali’s bar open through out the whole performance starting at 6.30 pm