At this festival multiculturalism is a normal thing! ­­­­­­INTERKULTfest, organized by the third time, deals with interculturalism through different performing arts in a courageous way and takes a stand. The artists are youngsters who show that the stage belongs to anyone regardless of their social, ethnic or other background.

The festival is opened on two nights by INTERKULTacts, presenting the German performance ArabQueen. With the collaboration of Goethe Institute, Heimathafen Neukölln, a theatre from Berlin known for its diverse repertoire and called “the theatre of the people”, performs for the first time in Finland. ArabQueen tells the story of Muslim backgrounded young Mariam’s double life. Based on a true story and on the novel by Güner Yasemin Balci, the performance belongs to a trilogy based on the neighbourhood of Neukölln.

The second day of the festival will start with the familiar INTERKULTseminar, on which this year we’ll try to find incentives for immigrant backgrounded youngsters to apply to higher education studies in the arts’ field. The seminar will also touch on the matter of the responsibility of schools in targeting minorities and immigrant backgrounded youngsters, and if it is guaranteed the equal opportunity in gaining access to the language of art. On the seminar we’ll try to examine the school path undertaken by youngsters starting from primary school, through a discussion with interesting invited speakers. The seminar is planned together with Culture for all.

On Thursday at Stoa it will be organized an audience development one-day event, INTERKULTyouth, which will end the collaboration with schools. Planned by the Inside Job Agency, an urban game takes over cultural centre Stoa’s area as well as Puhos shopping centre, after which the participating classes will watch the performance 100 LIKES by Danish Black Box Dance Company. Under INTERKULTmoves, the performance focuses on the personal dependency on social media and the continuous pursuit to be seen and recognised. The performance is brought to Finland in cooperation with the Nordic Culture Point and the Finnish-Danish Cultural Foundation. INTERKULTyouth –collaboration with schools and workshops is organized in cooperation with Moniheli.

On Friday during the night at Stoa there will be shoulder to shoulder urban music makers at the – free and without age limit – event INTERKULTbeats, and in the next hall there will be Russian contemporary dance presented at INTERKULTperforms. The Guild Dance Company from Saint Petersburg performs The Myth of a Woman, which combines physical theatre and contemporary dance throughout its four parts. The performance focuses on various perspectives of womanhood, patriarchy and power relationships between genders. The performance so far got a mixed reception since it has bravely brought up to the table such a muted subject. The performance will be brought to Finland in collaboration with Cultura foundation.

The last festival day will be kicked off by INTERKULTkids and Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna Company’s Moon and Swan. In the performance the Funny Moon Clown travels around the world trying to save a swan. This interactive performance is a dive into the rich life of our world, into the traditional dances of different continents and their fabulous costumes. At the same time at Itäkeskus’ library it will be organized the Children’s Saturday event, so there will be a lot of activities for children at Stoa.

INTERKULTfest 2016 ends at Vuotalo with the final club of the event, where this year we’ll celebrate the stereotypes in a cabaret atmosphere. Ágnes Kászas hosts the unpredictable Celebration of STEREOtypes, which promises to combine at least stand up, burlesque and drag kings … INTERKULTclub will be the only festival event with an age limit of 18, since the bar of Vuosali will be open during the whole performance.

See you at the festival!
INTERKULTfest 2016 festival’s team