About us

Interkult (Kassandra association) is a nationwide Culture Hub founded on 2000 which aims to promote interculturalism through art and culture. Through it’s activities Interkult enables encounters between people and cultures and promotes intercultural understanding and tolerance. Since an increasing number of the youth has an immigrant background, our focus is even stronger on working with the children and the youth.

The basic activities of the culture hub comprehend art workshops, that are organized for schools, kindergartens, libraries, elderly homes as well as for art, youth and resident houses. Interkult either finance these workshops itself through grants and offer them free of charge to the participants or mediates with reasonable prices to various organizations. The workshops focus on themes flowing from each instructor’s own cultural background and artistic skills. 80 % of the workshop directors working together with the culture hub have another cultural background than Finnish and are all professional artist.  Through cooperation with different actors it is possible to reach the target groups of the workshops.

Once a year Interkult organizes INTERKULTfest, a festival of performing arts for youngsters and young adults. The festival comprises both professional and amateur performances (dance, theatre, circus, music) that express interculturalism. The festival cooperates with different schools in the form of workshops, which results are shown on INTERKULTyouth day.

Kassandra association was established in 2000. The organization was founded by theatre director Ritva Siikala inspired by the multicultural artistic research project Kassandra 2000 in connection with the performance “Rainbow” (Sateenkaari) by the Raging Roses Theatre. The purpose was to work for intercultural encounters between Finns and immigrants and to use art and culture as a tool for integration.

In the spring of 2014 Kassandra’s name changed to Culture Hub Interkult Kassandra which is now known as Culture Hub Interkult.


Sep 09

INTERKULTfest 2015

Organized for the second time, the performing arts festival INTERKULTfest dealt with interculturalism and multiculturalism through different ways as a normal phenomenon. The 4 day event reached to more than 600 spectators and participants in the cultural centers Stoa, Vuotalo and Caisa. The festival betted on youth work as well as in youth involvement in the programming and implementation of the festival. New concepts were introduced to the festival such as the INTERKULTbeat event focused on urban music and the INTERKULTkids event focused on the youngest festival spectators. Both will continue as part of the festival in the future. As an indispensable part of the festival, the cooperation with the secondary schools will also continue. This year through this cooperation almost 150 youngsters were reached.

Nov 27

Thilé Danse: La Voix des Femmes

The performance mixing contemporary and african dance was inspired on the choreographer Sibiry Konaté's own experiences on traditional gender roles of power relations between genres of his home country Burkina Faso. While growing up Konaté started to question his own upbringing and to criticize the culture's dominant inequality. After moving to Finland, Konaté's reflexions became even stronger. THILÈ DANSE  is a dance group based in Helsinki, which combines contemporary dance with traditional west african dance and music. Direction: Sibiry Konaté | Choreography: Sibiry Konaté and workgroup | Dancers: Sibiry Konaté, Salla Oranen, Lilli Rannikko, Jonna Rantamäki, Annina Tuhkunen | Musicians: Issa Dembele, Adama Koné, Karim Sory Costumes and set design: työryhmä |Lights: Ina Niemelä | Sound design: Totte Rautiainen |Sound: Stina Koistinen

Sep 11

INTERKULTfest 2014

INTERKULTFEST is a new performing arts festival, which brought to Helsinki interesting performing groups from the Nordic countries on the year of  2014. The programme included performances expressing interculturality and targeting young people. The performances took place at the cultural centers Stoa and Vuotalo. The festival spread to the area and schools of Itäkeskus and Vuosaari. On Sunday, the event InterKultYouth overtook Stoa and during the whole afternoon the focus was on theatre, dance and media art performed by young people in the metropolitan area.

Oct 17

What a life! (Mikä elämä!)

What a life! - three women, two cultures, many stories The theater performance written and directed by Pinja Hahtola was premiered on October 2012. The performance shows the differences between cultures as well as the similarities of mothers, daughters and grandparents. Mikä elämä! brought to the stage stories of Somalian women that live in Finland, through which the text reflects the changes on Finnish and Somalian attitudes and traditions. Text and direction: Pinja Hahtola | Performing: Eija Ahvo,  Fay Eskin, Ujuni Ahmed | Videos: Naima Mohamud | Lights and set design: Ina Niemelä | Costumes: Työryhmä 

Sep 01


Kotisuomi was an integration project, which aimed to enrich introduction courses targeting immigrant backgrounded people. The project modeled integration work by organizing trainings to Finnish language teachers, advisors and social workers which worked with adult immigrants in different cities of Finland. The courses were based on a empirical pedagogy through which the learning of Finnish language and societal knowledge and skills would become easier and would bring joy to the everyday life. The 8 month project was implemented during 2012–13.

Oct 01

Virkistävä värikehrä -project with elderly people

Virkistävä värikehrä -project's main goal was to improve the level of life of elderly and people with memory illness at elderly and day-care centers, as well as provide them stimulants through art. With the demographic change the cultural diversity has increased its presence also in day-care centers in terms of workers and clients. On the Autumn of 2011 and Spring of 2012 the Ministry of Education and Culture funded five-week series of art workshops organized in day-care centers in the metropolitan area of Helsinki. The project continued on the Autumn of 2012 and Autumn of 2014 with the funding of Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Jun 07

International in Nordic Countries

INTERNATIONAL IN NORDIC COUNTRIES (INC) was a festival which dealt with the participation of "new nordic citizens" in art work. The goal of the festival was to learn new knowledge, build networks and research the processes of artistic comprehension, which are behind each multicultural performance. The key questions were: who defines aesthetics? And professionalism? Kassandra organized the first cultural diversity focused nordic theater festival INC during 7.-12.6.2011. The performances were shown at Korjamo culture factory and the workshops held at Alexander theater. During the festival there were five performances from different Nordic countries and a two-day seminar. The festival was held in Finnish, English and Swedish.

Mar 23


Kassandra theater's interpretation of Antigone brings to the stage artists from Asia, Africa and Finland. On the performance generations and traditions of expression encounter. Finnish theater icons and contemporary Finnish versatile artists tell the ancient story about moral. Sophocles wrote a play already 2400 years ago, it still strikes the nerve of time. Has not mankind changed? Director: Ritva Siikala | Performers: Eija Ahvo, Richmond Ghansah, Kalle Holmberg, Pape Sarr, Aki Suzuki ja Marika Westerling | Translation: Kirsti Simonsuuri | Dramaturgy: Marja Kaarina Mykkänen ja Ritva Siikala | Music: Otto Donner, Pape Sarr, Eija Ahvo ja Marika Westerling | Choreography: Aki Suzuki ja Richmond Ghansah | Lights: Mia Kivinen | Set design and costumes: työryhmä 

Jan 15

New birch and the star -project (Uusi koivu ja tähti)

The Birch and the star -project was the ancester to New birch and star -project, which focus on offering Finnish language teaching through art. The focus groups were third-country nationals from countries out of the EU, in special women in a vulnerable position, which were at risk of  isolation from society. The project was funded by European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals, which was implemented during 15.1.2011 – 30.6.2012.

Oct 11

Women from around the world – importing “sisu” -book

The book Women from around the world - importing "sisu" was released on October 2010. The book was written on base of the photograph exhibition with same name which was implemented on 2007. The book was funded by the Ministry of foreign affairs and Svenska kulturfonden and was released in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Sep 11

Art brings knowledge -project (Taide tuo tietoa)

Multicultural supplementary course to teachers. On the Autumn of 2009 started Kassandra's courses for teachers. Art brings knowledge -project was funded by Finnish National Board of Education, in which supplementary courses related to multiculturalism were offered to teachers during the years of 2010 and 2011.

Jan 11

Birch and the star -project (Koivu ja tähti)

Kassandra started on the Spring of 2009 the project Birch and the star, which was funded by the European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals. The main goal was to add equality of women coming from third-countries out of the European Union through art and cultural interaction. The project got further funding for the period of 1.1.–30.6.2010.  

Feb 08


On this performance written by Bengt Ahlfors and Ritva Siikala, as well directed by the later, a Finnish family arrives as refuge to a imaginary country Zambezi. It's the late 2010's. The local immigration authorities receive the bank manager and mom (Eija Ahvo), the dentist and father (Max Bremer) and their two daughters (Sanna Stellan, Jenni Bergius) and grandmother (Viola Pekkanen). The citizens of Zambezi are presented by artists which have come to Finland from five different countries. (Aki Suzuki, Fatima Usman, Maryan Guuleed, Mateus Tembe, Pape Sarr, Wali Hashi). Script: Bengt Ahlfors and Ritva Siikala | Director: Ritva Siikala | Performing: Eija Ahvo, Frank Skog, Hanna Nyberg, Janni Bergius, Viola Pekkanen, Fatima Usman, Wali Hashi, Maryan Guuleed, Mateus Tembe, Aki Suzuki, Pape Sarr | Set design and costumes: Ralf Forsström | Lights: Kalle Aaltonen | Music: Veera Voima, Pape Sarr, work group | Choreography: Aki Suzuki | Sound design: Jan Noponen 

Jan 01

Women from around the world -photograph exhibition

The photograph exhibition Women from around the world - importing "sisu" tells the stories of eleven women about their moving to Finland after a job, love or asylum. The exhibition was funded by the Ministry of foreign affairs on 2007.

Jan 01


Monita – multicultural artists is a project funded by the European social fund (ESF), which belonged to the Equal program funded by the Ministry of education. Its purpose is to promote good ethnical relations and prevent racism and xenophobia on the labor markets and to create networks between artists from Finland and other ethnic background and women. The project was implemented during 2005 to 2007.

Mar 04

Aina jonkun tytär – Always someone’s daughter

Somalian Fatumo's 16 years old daughter Sadia gets pregnant and the father of the child is Carelian Elli's 18 years old son Jukka. Director: Ritva Siikala | Script: Riikka Takala ja Kaisa Widenoja | Performing: Maryan Guuleed, Arttu Kapulainen, Amira Khalifa, Sylvie Malosa Poto, Seija Metsärinne, Viola Pekkanen, Marika Salomaa-Kivelä, Heli Sirviö, Ulla Uotinen, Fatima Usman | Music: Ilona Korhonen | Lights: Jyrki Seppä | Costumes: Irmeli Toivanen 

Jan 01


MONINAISET  - many cultures, one Finland Urban II -project has organized workshops for women with an immigrant or Finnish background, as well as for kindergarten-age kids. The workshops were related to the participant's own cultural heritage and also to cultures existing in Finland. The project was implemented during 2004–2006.

Dec 20

Kassandra’s establishment

Kassandra association was established in 2000. The organization was founded by theatre director Ritva Siikala inspired by the multicultural artistic research project Kassandra 2000 organized by the Raging Roses Theatre.