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We have had a super busy spring here at Interkult! In this latest edition of our newsletter we remember some of the amazing happenings from this spring, and also we take a little look at whats about to come. Theres no kult like INTERKULT!


This spring we were busy making public artworks! Interkult, Annantalo and HAM arranged a course for youngsters to learn about public artworks. At Annantalo we had twelve groups of kids making a huge group-artwork together with the artist Macoumba Ndaye, using only recycling materials. Who knew you could make something so beautiful out of recycled plastic bags!


In May we were also participating in organising #StopHatredNow at Lavaklubi: an intercultural and anti-racist event with seminars, discussions, workshops, performances, music and clubs. Representing Interkult was the Duo Cassage, performing their piece “OUT OF THE BOX”. Big thanks to all the organisations, speakers and performers that made this event possible! See you again next year!


During the spring we were also working at the Kallio Kukkii and Maailma Kylässä festivals, where we arranged art-activities for kids. Our stands were clearly among the favorites, visited by hundreds of kids during the days keeping our instructor Rosemaria Bolom very very busy. The sun was shining and the atmosphere was fantastic!


During June we arranged two summer courses for kids together with Cultural Centre Caisa. Together with the artist Fabu Pires from Brazil, kids got to learn about making art using different kind of materials and techniques, and together they made all kinds of different artworks. At the music course, kids got to learn about Senegalese music playing Djembe drums, the Kora instrument, singing and dancing. The weather was amazing, so they got to be outside in the park jamming together with our instructors Cheick Cissokho and Momar Diop.


We recently also published the new name, look and program of our annually held festival of performing arts. NOMADS is an intercultural festival of performing arts. It celebrates cultural diversity and intercultural engagement by presenting some of the most remarkable contemporary performances from its field. NOMADS festival is held this autumn, 19,-23.9.2017 at STOA. Our official poster with the program for the festival can be found here.


Were closing our office for the summer, and during July we are on holidays! In August we’ll be back again, with lots of exciting happenings and programs! The autumn will be super busy with both art-workshops, seminars, the festival, a school tour and much more. During these hot summer days, remember to stay cool! Over and out!


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